Our adress: building 4, 18  Tashkentskaya street, Moscow

Our location: underground station “Vihino”, bus №337 to the station “School” or bus № 209 to the station “Supermarket”

Pnone number: (495) 647-4477 (доб. 34-71 и 34-72)




About the Faculty

Faculty of Defectology (Abnormal Psychology and Learning Disabilities) in SMSUH was established in 1951. The Faculty is distinguished by the unique character of specialized teachers and psychologists training, all-powerful scientific schools which are admitted all over the world and professional speech pathologists training time. Graduates of our Faculty do good for children with physical disabilities as in the capital, in Moscow, so in many regions of Russia, in States of the former Soviet Union, in the USA, Canada, Israel, Italy, Germany and so on.

Various scientific interests and contacts of Speech Correction Faculty lecturers make it possible to stay informed about all modern innovative technologies, developments and achievements, to raise constantly thier scientific and professional level , to give new  scientific information their collegues and students in time.