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Gifted child
Master's Degree Program

Forms and terms of education: 
2 years
Branch of training: 
Psychological and Pedagogical Education
Master's Degree Program: 
Gifted child
Graduate‘s qualification : 
Master of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy
Admission tests: 
Psychology and Pedagogy (test)

Admission plan 2014:  18 budget seats, off-budget seats.

Tuition: 120 000 rubles per year.

Nowadays the development of a creative personality that is able to solve various problems of modern society has become a requirement. Master’s Degree program in this sphere will help to cultivate abilities of future teachers and prepare them to the work with gifted children. During educational process students are supposed to develop the necessary competencies of working with children in various educational institutions.

Among the spheres of professional activity of a postgraduate of master's program «Gifted Child» are scientific-research, organizational, administrative, pedagogical, cultural and educational activities in the educational institutions of different types (pre-primary, comprehensive, further education, etc.).

Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
Developmental psychology and pedagogy of creativity and talent             
Background of talents
Integration of the arts in the formation of capabilities and talents
Organization and management of additional education in different educational institution
Development History about nature of capabilities and talentsComponents of a talent and capability          Planning of the aesthetic development environmentMethodical service in institutions of additional education
The problem of teaching childrenOrganization and techniques of revelation different talentsThe technology of work with talented childrenWork on revelation and development of capabilities and talents in additional education
Technology of translation of scientific text

Preparing postgraduates for research activities

The classic diagnosis of XIX-XX centuries The use of Information technology in work with talented children
Development of children creative abilities in artistic and aesthetic activitiesScientific-methodical work with talented childrenModern modular constructions - Lego Education and othersMaster's thesis defense

Development management capabilities and talents educational institution


Design and engineering activities in revelation capabilities and talents 


Elective courses


Practical work

Organization department State budgetary educational institution School № 1420, Moscow 

The creativity center «Mar’ino»

The creativity center «Yuzhnoportovy»

The creativity center «Economy Culture Education»

The child development center № 1768

Organization department State budgetary educational institution School № 1437, Moscow

Master classes and meetings 

Solomnikova O. A. Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Docent, Head of the Department of Preschool Education, from Academy of Social Education (Moscow branch office).  Master class:  Acquaintance with folk art and talent development   using information technologies (IT). 

Ushakova O. S. Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, professor, chief of the Development of speech and creative abilities laboratory, from Institute of psychological and pedagogical problems of childhood of Russian Academy of Education. Master class: Artistic and speech abilities development. 

Karpova S. I. Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor at the Department of Educational Psychology, Deputy Director of Institute of pedagogy and educational psychology in Moscow City Teachers’ Training University.  Master class: Individual approach to children education.


A master's diploma in psycho-pedagogical education (Master's degree program: “Gifted child”).


general and specific gifts

pedagogy and psychology of giftedness, etc

Competences of a graduate 

A graduate is able to apply modern methods of the organization and the implementation of the educational process aimed at the development of children's giftedness and their artistic and creative abilities at different educational levels in various educational institutions;

A graduate is able to assist children of preschool and school-going age in their occupational guidance and self-determination.


Agency for strategic initiatives

The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

International Academy of Pedagogical Education

Organization department of Public budgetary educational institution,  high comprehensive school № 1420, Moscow

The creativity center "Economy Culture Education"

Academy of Social Education (Moscow branch office)

Cheboksary Polytechnic Institute (branch office of "MAMI" Moscow State Technical University)

Turkish-Russian cultural center

The Department of education, Mannheim, Germany

According to the plan of Department of International Cooperation and PR  of Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities - The University of Valencia, Spain


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